For students

Lenz is based in Helsinki, Finland, and we’re going international! We want to provide genuine opportunities to students with no valid experience (yet), and prove that with eagerness and potential, you’ll have near unlimited opportunities to grow! In fact, we believe in the potential of younger generations so much  that we don’t even ask for your CV or previous work experience when you apply for our projects, instead focusing on your interests and ambitions for the future.

How to apply

First of all, familiarize yourself with out upcoming projects. What role would interest you the most? Next click move to the application form. Make sure you take your time with filling out the form. This helps you with getting the most out of the application proces as that way you have sufficient time for self-reflection. In our recruitment process, we want to emphasize our applicants’ potential, enthusiasm and values. We want to know your goals, ambitions, what you want to learn, and what you would have to offer to the project. Where you’re heading is more important than where you’ve been.

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process consists of the application phase, the discussion phase, and the group phase. We aim to stay in touch with our applicants as regularly as possible and communicate about the timetable of the recruitment process. Make sure to follow us on Instagram as well to get updates on our recruitment process. Do not hesitate to contact us via email ([email protected]) in case you have any questions.


Basically anyone, no matter what you study! Our projects don’t have strict roles based on one’s field of study, rather we are more interested in how you want to develop your skillset.

The project work is solely remote work throughout the whole project, all the way from applying to the implementation of the project itself. Therefore you have the flexibility to work from basically anywhere as we don’t require you to be physically present in any specific city. You can attend meetings from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.

We carefully consider the suitable roles for each specific project individually. For instance, we consider what kind of roles would fit the project, what kind of team dynamics we aim for, and what are the expectations for both the team and individuals. We aim to describe the expectations for each role as best as possible. By investing in the role creation process we form strong, dynamic, and efficient teams, where each individual can operate based on their strengths and interests.

Yes. Every phase of the process is organized remotely by using a video connection.
Here at Lenz, we are especially proud of the fact that we don’t require a CV from our applicants. Why is that? It is because we find it to be paradoxical that one can’t get work experience without having work experience already. Hence we choose our candidates based on their enthusiasm and potential!


Yes. We offer a competitive salary of 18 euros per hour for all of our project work.
The length and the timetable of our projects vary from project to project. Our goal is to have ongoing projects year-round to be a constant employer of students. As a matter of fact, this year we have our first autumn project! For instance, our summer projects take place from May to September. In May most of the work is preparation work, such as familiarizing oneself with the client and the project objectives. Our summer projects have the possibility for a small summer vacation as well.
Our project workers operate as so-called light entrepreneurs and get their own business ID. Therefore our projects are a great opportunity to try entrepreneurship at a low threshold and with a laid-back approach. We also have a strong network of more experienced entrepreneurs to rely on. It is possible to continue to work as an entrepreneur after the project as well.
It depends on the project. Some projects require full-time work whereas other projects require part-time work. We inform about the working hour requirements on every project individually.