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Lenz Project’s mission is helping companies realize the full potential of innovation to make your future-focused vision reality and inform your culture with creativity.

The value of Lenz

Inspired by start-up culture, we work with our clients to develop uniquely bespoke solutions and ways of bringing them to life together.  

Lenz helps you build bridges connecting your company’s strengths with the power of new ideas and better ways of doing things. We recruit and build multidisciplinary project teams made up of the most innovative and productive people available to achieve your specific goals. The value we bring to the table can be summed up by three core principles:

  1. Leveraging the potential of start-up culture and innovative thinking to build your company’s future. 
  2. Bringing you specially selected expertise from outside of your comfort zone – we build each project team with your unique purpose in mind, and you can recruit Lenz Project team members to join your company after the project.
  3. Focusing on a future oriented collaboration model that helps you build a culture of innovation and creativity that becomes an organic part of the way you work.

Lenz method

The Lenz Method maximizes team effectiveness by finding the right balance between previous experience and potential – and we build each team with your specific goals in mind.

Lenz starts by focusing on future potential and how it can accomplish your goals. Projects are structured in three steps:

  1. Defining your exact needs and building the best team to fit those needs – Lenz defines the unique requirements and scope of the project in close collaboration with our clients. Then we recruit the ideal multidisciplinary team to accomplish our clients’ goals.
  2. Project preparation, pilot phase, and final report – Our team is led by a project manager, who works closely with the client throughout the project. Because our mission is adding real value for our clients, the team’s concepts and ideas are tested in practice to prove their validity. The Lenz project team conducts extensive research with your input to draft a report fully capturing the solutions we develop.
  3. Future potential and secure recruitment – and after our final project report is delivered, you may opt to recruit either the whole team or individual team members for your organization. We will be happy to outline Pricing for this arrangement..


With Lenz, you can recruit talented professionals as full-time or part-time employees, and project-basecontractors. Recruiting part-timers and contactors is a great way for both parties to ensure compatibility with no extra recruitment or salary costs.

If it meets your needs you can also identify and recruit highly skilled and accomplished university students for summer jobs with superior productivity!

We tailor to solve any kind of challenge! Lenz provides experts for your needs in:

  • UX Desing
  • B2B and B2B2C marketing
  • Technical engineering
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Visual UX designer
  • Data science
  • Start-up sales
  • Marketing communication
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Service Design
  • Human Capital

Lenz offers bespoke solutions for  


  • Website design and implementation
  • Marketing, social media presence, and content production
  • Sales and market-hacking of services
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Market research and customer satisfaction research
  • And much more

You determine the needs and milestones – Lenz Projects finds the right people for the job 


The price of projects

Lenz projects are built with a turnkey contract principle in mind, and Lenz is responsible for ensuring that the project goals are met. Projects follow a timetable, and they’re budgeted over a cycle: spring, summer, and fall. Costs include all project expenses, e.g. preparation and planning, as well as the salary for team members and project managers. Extra expenses, such as travel costs, are billed separately.

Example projects

Here are some examples of Projects which have been designed and tailored by Lenz:

New business ventures

  • Identify new opportunities in your field and explore new ventures
  • Develop current business in new ways and create unique opportunities
  • Focus on your target demographics: for example, younger or older people and new market segments as consumers & B2B clients
  • Ensure growth & profitability in the future

New business ventures require new ways of questioning assumptions and thinking which essentially means unlearning and transforming old methods.


Planning and implementation
  • Validate current strategy and identify development targets
  • Plan development of the strategy and put it into practice
  • Execution and implementation
  • Communicate the new strategy in a way that is clear and easy to absorb/adopt
  • Monitor the actualization, as well as collect and analyse data

Ensuring the operability and adoption of the strategy by creating an explicit implementation plan. 


Market research of targeted segments
  • Revitalize the marketing plan
  • Profile the central/pivotal target segments
  • Discover the optimal channels for marketing
  • Adapt to and address target market’s vision of functional services
  • Generate competitive advantage

Allocate resources to the channels which speak to future consumers.

Employer branding

Developing perceptions of the company’s image
  • Strengthen company image internally and externally
  • Increase effectiveness and impact of corporate identity in recruitment
  • Grow your talent pool and increase the number of applications
  • Improve employee retention
  • Expedite the recruitment cycle
  • Decrease reliance on job advertisements

Increasing the number of appropriate candidates and decreasing recruiting expenses


Effectively integrate new hires into the company community and culture
  • Revamp the tools used for onboarding
  • Integrate cultural contributions from younger hires and new employees across the entire range of diversity
  • Answer future demands by taking proactive measures
  • Creating a living and functional working culture free from stagnation

Use 10% less time in new hire onboarding and training.

Recruitment process

Ensure recruitment practices are contemporary and relevant
  • Consciously making the recruitment and onboarding processes more effective
  • Decrease the number of mismatched recruitments
  • Discover and use the applicant’s real potential
  • Focus on the effectiveness of applicant communications
  • Map and fine tune the relevance of tools and environments

The best talents apply for the right positions, and are not lost to competing companies.


Increase the effectiveness and improve the development of training
  • Develop internal education and training materials
  • Design and implement training and education programs
  • Leverage the full spectrum of new hire viewpoints and generate new ideas for training
  • Test and optimize of training materials and resources

Standardized training material and effective information sharing optimize the operation and free up resources.

Market research

Provides a future-focused outlook
  • High quality research prepares the company for the future
  • Execution can be enterprise wide or focused on specific areas– e.g. competitIve analysis or new target markets
  • Diverse viewpoints offer innovative approaches to address future needs

Uncovering new information and ways to use company resources based on relevant data


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