What is Lenz?

Lenz provides a full range of bespoke business consulting solutions in everything from Market Entry and Localization to E-Commerce creation and deployment. Among the services we offer are projects that create meaningful connections for highly skilled university students and world-class companies to address client needs directly related to Generations X-Z and bring fresh, actionable ideas to the table.

Lenz in a nutshell

Lenz focuses on people’s potential to create value and build the future.

  • Lenz builds project teams that embrace the full range of diversity to solve problems and seize opportunities with new perspectives.

  • We select project team applicants to form multidisciplinary project teams of 4-5 people who work as light entrepreneurs together with dedicated project managers and mentors.

  • Lenz operates in partnership with ACE Consulting. Our experienced consultants work as coaches, mentors and project managers in teams chosen and tailored to meet companies unique needs.

 How Lenz works?